Advances in Asset Allocation Online Course

Asset allocation ,Factor investing, Liability-Driven Investing, Goal-based Investing
Stay ahead of the game: Explore cutting-edge concepts and practices that will reshape the future of investment management and discuss them with a broad community of learners from the finance industry

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Investors are facing problems, for which they need dedicated investment solutions, as opposed to off-the-shelf investment products. This recognition is giving rise to a whole new investment paradigm, taking on slightly different forms in individual versus institutional contexts: Liability-Driven Investing (LDI) in Institutional Money Management Goal-Based Investing (GBI) in Individual Money Management

Broadly speaking, investment management is the art, science and engineering of efficiently spending investors’ dollar and risk budgets to help them achieve their meaningful goals in the presence of uncertain market conditions

Meeting this challenge involves an efficient use by institutional or individual asset owners, and/or by investment managers acting on their behalf, of the three known forms of risk management within a comprehensive disciplined investment framework:

• Diversification, which is used to construct well-rewarded risky performance-seeking portfolios, that is portfolios enjoying an efficient harvesting of risk premia across and within asset classes;

• Hedging, which is used to construct truly safe portfolios, that is portfolios allowing for an efficient matching of factor exposure on the asset and the liability sides;

• Insurance, which is used to dynamically allocate to the risky performance portfolio and the safe hedging portfolio as a function of changes in market conditions as well as distance with respect to investors’ goals.





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Written by Professor Martellini and Vincent Milhau from EDHEC-Risk Institute


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This state-of-the-art executive online course offers:

> Strength and relevance of academic research

> Insight from world-class thought leaders

> Cutting-edge investment research and industry practices

> An EDHEC-Risk certificate of completion


What will your online journey look like?

The digital material is made up of videos, lecture notes and technical supplements which cover a set of concepts and techniques that we believe are most relevant in asset allocation and portfolio construction decisions.

The material is divided in 3 parts or sections, each related to one form of risk management:

  • Part I is related to Diversification,
  • Part II is related to Hedging
  • Part III is related to Insurance.

Each part is in turn divided into 3 chapters, hence the total number of 9 chapters and therefore 9 related videos, sets of lecture notes and technical supplements.

The recommended sequence of actions for each chapter is as follows: first watch the related video, taking the time to stop and take notes as needed, then read the corresponding lecture note, and dig further into the technical details with the supplements if you have time and appetite for it.

You will be able to discuss with your peers using discussion forums and put your questions to EDHEC-Risk Team in a very easy way. This is a chance to tap into a broad community of learners from the finance industry.

Faculty and learning objectives

This seminar strikes a balance between exploration of new models and a study of applications. It is presented in a highly accessible manner by two experienced instructors who combine both academic and industry experience.

Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute - Professor


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the value of financial risk management in the investment management process
  • Defining the three possible approaches to risk management: diversification, hedging and insurance
  • Introducing liability-driven investing and goal-based investing
  • Understanding the benefits of risk allocation, factor investing and smart betas
  • Understanding improved forms of target-date funds and retirement solutions

Course Structure

Week 1 – Diversification Module

  • Maximum Sharpe Ratio Portfolios
  • Risk Parity Portfolios
  • Factor Risk Parity Portfolios

Week 2 – Hedging Module

  • Liability/Goal-Hedging Portfolios
  • Liability-Driven Investing
  • Long-Term Investment Strategies

Week 3 – Insurance Module

  • Benefits of Non-Linear Pay-offs
  • Risk-Controlled Liability-Driven Investing Strategies
  • Goal-Based Investing


Now regarded as Europe’s premier centre for research and education in these fields, EDHEC-Risk Institute plays a noted role in furthering asset allocation concepts and techniques, while systematically highlighting their practical uses to the investment management industry.