Advances in Asset and Factor Allocation Seminar

Factor Investing, Goal-based Investing and Sustainable Investing
Stay ahead of the game: join thought leaders and benefit from in-depth discussion on cutting-edge concepts and practices that will reshape the future of investment management.

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The Advances in Asset and Factor Allocation Seminar is an intensive three-day course that will provide participants with an in-depth appreciation of some of the most relevant new concepts and techniques that are reshaping investment management practices.

It will also equip them with practical tools to improve asset allocation and risk management processes, implement novel investment management approaches, and develop new products and solutions.


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This state-of-the-art executive short course offers:

> Strength and relevance of academic research

> Insight from world-class thought leaders

> Cutting-edge investment research and industry practices

> An EDHEC-Risk certificate of completion



Focus on Asset Allocation and Risk Management

Recent advances in academic research have paved the way for the development of a new generation of welfare-improving financial engineering techniques aimed at designing optimal investment solutions that take into account the specific constraints and objectives – including environmental, social and governance dimensions – of the various types of institutional and individual investors.

These solutions rely on an innovative exploitation of the benefits of the three competing approaches to risk management, namely risk diversification, risk hedging, and risk insurance, each of which represents a substantial source of added value for investment management. It is against this backdrop that EDHEC-Risk Institute has structured its work on factor investing, goal-based investing and sustainable investing.



This seminar strikes a balance between exploration of new models and a study of applications. It is presented in a highly accessible manner by two experienced instructors who combine both academic and industry experience.

Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute - Professor

Course Structure

Day 1
> Factor investing — Efficiently harvesting risk premia across and within asset classes
> Implementing factor investing and risk allocation

Day 2
> Goal-based investing — Efficiently securing investors’ long-term liabilities and goals
> Reviewing the latest advances in ALM and LDI

Day 3
> Sustainable investing — Efficiently integrating environmental, social and governance dimensions in investment decisions
> Costs and benefits of sustainable investing, climate and low-carbon investing strategies

Now regarded as Europe’s premier centre for research and education in these fields, EDHEC-Risk Institute plays a noted role in furthering asset allocation concepts and techniques, while systematically highlighting their practical uses to the investment management industry.