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8 research programmes to explore interrelated aspects of investment solutions

EDHEC-Risk Institute’s eight research programmes explore interrelated aspects of investment solutions to advance the frontiers of knowledge and foster industry innovation. These programmes correspond to a long-term investment on the part of the Institute and they are designed with the support of EDHEC-Risk Institute’s International Advisory Board. They host research chairs and strategic research projects that are supported by the industry.


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Risk Allocation, Factor Investing And Smart Beta: Reconciling Innovations In Equity Portfolio Construction


Noel Amenc,Romain Deguest, Felix Goltz, Ashish Lodh, Lionel Martellini Eric Shirbini

Equal or Value Weighting? Implications for Asset-Pricing Tests


Yuliya Plyakha, Raman Uppal, Grigory Vilkov

Global Style Portfolios Based on Country Indices


Timotheos Angelidis, Nikolaos Tessaromatis

The EDHEC European ETF Survey 2013


Frédéric Ducoulombier, Felix Goltz, Véronique Le Sourd, Ashish Lodh

Improved Risk Reporting With Factor-Based Diversification Measures


Tiffanie Carli, Romain Deguest, Lionel Martellini