ESG Indicators and Sustainable Investment Solutions

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Financial decisions worldwide are increasingly influenced by the scarcity of resources, and the physical and transition risks associated with climate change. The extent of the environmental impact from climate change is still uncertain but the recent scientific evidence is increasingly worrisome and many governments are taking decisive steps in order to avert a catastrophe.

The transition towards a low-carbon economy requires a broad array of financial instruments and innovations that will have far-reaching implications for markets, corporations, intermediaries, and investors.

Given the widespread recognition of climate change as perhaps the most fundamental long-term risks for asset managers and asset owners, EDHEC-Risk Institute is committed to launching a number of research, education and outreach initiatives to help explore a number of issues of strategic importance in climate change finance.

This programme led to the 2019 launch of the EDHEC Climate Finance Conference. The one-day conference presents the research carried out by EDHEC-Risk Institute, EDHEC Business School and Scientific Beta and discusses it with institutional investment, asset management, investment banking, regulatory and academic communities. The conference aims to showcase the highest quality thinking and research in the area of Sustainable Investing.

More generally, the focus of this program will be on assessing the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Indicators on risk analysis and investment decisions for equity and bond portfolios.

Call for sponsorship for research chairs:

EDHEC-Risk Institute aspires to associate its research efforts on sustainable finance and more specifically on Incorporating ESG factors in investment decisions with a major name from the industry and welcomes sponsorship to conduct a research chair. Research chair involves a close partnership with the financial sponsor and a commitment from EDHEC-Risk to publishing related articles in international academic journals as well as to releasing the research results to the investment management profession through wide distribution of practitioner-oriented publications and presentations at industry conferences.

An EDHEC-Risk Institute research chair therefore enables its sponsor to support high quality, independent research that will be made public; this is an ideal way to demonstrate organisation’s interest and commitment to the finance of climate change.

If you are interested in discussing further research chair opportunities, please contact: Maud Gauchon on +33 (0)4 93 18 78 87 or at

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