[Postponed] Beyond Beta Europe




The rise of factor investing and smart beta products has been nothing short of dramatic over the past decade. With over $800bn assets sitting in 1,500 smart beta ETFs globally, it is clear factor investing is here to stay.

As the market becomes saturated with products, issuers are looking for new ways to differentiate from their competitors meaning asset allocators have an array of tools at their disposal to slice and dice the market. This event will take a deep dive into the factor investing landscape assessing the different ways investors can use factors within their portfolios.

This event is exclusively aimed at Europe’s leading institutional and wealth asset allocators with a focus on smart beta, factor investing and ETF strategies.

Hosted by ETF Stream, this interactive conference provides a unique opportunity to engage with Europe’s leading investment professionals.

At the event, Riccardo Rebonato, Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School, and Factor Investing Fixed Income Lead Expert, EDHEC-Risk Institute, will participate in a roundtable session entitled: "Smart beta fixed income: A compelling idea in search of equally compelling evidence"

Riccardo Rebonato








Recent academic research into smart beta fixed income has found timing factor exposures may be far more promising than equities. Combine this with the numerous surveys highlighting investors plan to increase their exposure to smart beta fixed income and the outlook looks brighter than even 18 months ago. However, with a dearth of products on the market, it seems we remain someway off smart beta hitting the mainstream in fixed income.

The panel will be moderated by David Stevenson, Journalist, Financial Times and ETF Stream Editor in Chief 


Further information on the conference can be found on ETF Stream conference website.