Distance-Learning Option

Cutting edge tools to enhance the efficiency of your virtual connection.

You will get an experience that still allows you to interact with the faculty both before and during the seminar. The real-time with two-way video allowing participants to ask questions and engage in the classroom.

You will also have the opportunity to send specific questions to the instructors in advance of the session so this lets you introduce yourself and connect with the faculty which can further facilitate your relationship with the faculty and the effectiveness of your virtual connection.

A pioneering technology to provide you with a real classroom experience.


We use Zoom technology to connect your laptop to the classroom and this offers two way video and allows you to participate in the classroom. You are connected and visible so you can see and be seen. You will see the presentation in a separate window as well as spreadsheets or things shared in the classroom either off the faculty’s desktop or at the blackboard.

Benefit from an outstanding remote learning option.

To ensure quality of the experience – both inside and outside the classroom we limit the number of “Distance-learning” seats to 10 per seminar which generally exceeds demand.

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Our Experience

How do I register and prepare?

You will register for the "Certificate in Risk and Investment Management" programme, by clicking on the link. Then, we will send a registration confirmation to you and one month prior to the seminar, you will receive all the necessary instructions to connect to the classroom session. Therefore, you will be able to attend the seminar, live, and interact with the instructors. Also prior to the session you have the opportunity to send specific questions to the instructors in advance, so you engage with them and begin to build your presence. Please be advised that in order to get the Certificate, a maximum of 1 session of distance learning is permitted within the whole series.

Hopefully this helps to further explain the “Distance-Learning” option. If you would like to chat about it please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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