Technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Investment Solutions

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In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, every aspect of our lives is rapidly changing. Thanks to the vast amount of data, increased computing power and newly developed technologies, many industries will undoubtedly face fundamental and unprecedented changes.

The asset management industry is not an exception. In the face of this fast-evolving environment, this research programme focuses on providing a rigorous academic framework to analyse the benefits of technology, big data, machine learning and other forms of so-called artificial intelligence techniques in the area of asset allocation decisions and security selection decisions. In a related effort, we also analyze how automated wealth management (also known as robo-advisor) technologies, can contribute to the emergence of mass-customized investment solutions for individual investors.

This programme led to the 2017 launch of the Four-University Rotating FinTech Conference. EDHEC-Risk Institute, KAIST, Princeton and Tsinghua Universities have joined forces to jointly host a series of rotational conferences on financial technologies. The aim is to create a forum that facilitates discussion among all interested parties around the world (academics, practitioners and regulators alike)..