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The EDHEC-Risk Investment Solutions (Serious) Game is meant to facilitate engagement with graduate students or investment professionals enrolled on one of EDHEC-Risk’s various campus-based, blended or fully-digital educational programmes.


The game is designed as a series of steps or stages that take the participants through the whole process of designing and implementing a meaningful investment solution, including:


  • Defining the Holy Grail (investors’ meaningful goals);
  • Assessing the distance to cover (investors’ balance sheet and off-balance sheet information);
  • Understanding the choice of weapons (the safe goal-hedging portfolio as the “shield”, and the risky performance-seeking portfolio as the “sword”);
  • Efficiently using the shield and the sword on the path to the Holy Grail (designing a suitable dynamic allocation strategy with the GHP/shield and PSP/sword);
  • Measuring progress towards the Holy Grail (reporting probabilities of reaching goals); and
  • Reaching the Holy Grail and going beyond (securing goals and re-assessing the asset owner’s situation).


This tool is available since 2018 and is only accessible to registered attendees of our executive education programmes.