EDHEC Business School’s Masters in Finance programme ranks 5th in the world, according to the 2022 Financial Times Masters in Finance Ranking, released today. EDHEC, which the FT named a Top 10 European Business School earlier this year, offers... Read more
On May 24, Lionel Martellini, Director of EDHEC Risk Institute, was invited to speak on the theme of retirement planning at the Climate Change and Retirement Investing Conference. Organized by The Journal of Investment Management (JOIM) and co-... Read more
  We are delighted to share a new European Central Bank working paper by Irene Monasterolo, Professor of Finance at EDHEC Business School, EDHEC-Risk Institute on “The double materiality of climate physical and transition risks in the euro... Read more
A major redirection of resources is required from all areas of economic activity to tackle climate change in a decisive manner. Although solutions cannot solely come from finance, finance will play a major role in the redirection of... Read more
EDHEC Business School is proud to join the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings, which measure the ability of over 1,500 higher education and research establishments around the world to respond to the 17 United Nations Sustainable... Read more
On March 21 and 22, the 15th International Risks Forum was held in Paris, organized by the Louis Bachelier Institute, in partnership with many private and public players, including the EDHEC Risk Institute (associate partner). Hosted by the Paris... Read more
EDHEC-Risk expert Irene Monasterolo, has been invited by the OECD Development Centre to take part in the next OECD experts’ meeting of the Latin American Economic Outlook 2022 which will cover "Sustainable Development in LAC: Towards a green and... Read more
PRESENTATION Finance is critical to achieving deep decarbonisation by 2050. Article 2.i.c of the 2015 Paris Agreement sets out the goal of “making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient... Read more
A debt crisis is looming in the Global South. High levels of public debt service and insufficient fiscal and monetary space are threating recoveries and impeding much-needed investments in climate resilience and the Agenda 2030. We are very pleased... Read more
  EDHEC-Risk Institute just published the latest special issue of the EDHEC Research for Institutional Money Management supplement to Pensions & Investments. Download the supplement   We aim to provide institutional investors with... Read more
Financial decisions worldwide are increasingly influenced by the scarcity of resources and climate. The extent of the environmental impact from climate change is still uncertain but the recent scientific evidence is increasingly worrisome, and many... Read more
Vijay Vaidyanathan, a Californian alumnus of EDHEC Business School’s PhD in Finance, has just sold his Optimal Asset Management start-up – a provider of customised direct indexing software solutions for investors – to BNY Mellon’s Pershing. The... Read more
EDHEC-Risk Institute just published the latest special issue of the EDHEC Research Insights supplement to IPE. Download the supplement   We aim to provide European institutional investors with an academic research perspective on the most... Read more
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest Climate Report on February 28: Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability The IPCC is the international body for assessing the science related to climate... Read more
Climate change has become a main concern of ministries of finance, central banks, and financial regulators. In response, a suite of scenarios and tools have been developed to assess the financial risks from physical climate shocks (for example,... Read more
On February 15, Irene Monasterolo, Professor of Climate Finance at EDHEC-Risk Institute, EDHEC Business School has been invited by SUERF, the European Money and Finance Forum, to participate in a debate to discuss climate risks and... Read more
Scientific Beta, set up in 2012 to leverage EDHEC-Risk Institute’s expertise in the field of quantitative equity portfolio management (smart beta), has just been recognised as the world’s "Best Specialist ESG Index Provider". During the third... Read more
Climate change has been recognized as a new type of risk for finance by academics and financial supervisors and regulators in particular. On January 18, Irene Monasterolo, Professor of Climate Finance, EDHEC Business School, EDHEC-Risk... Read more
EDHEC Business School launched the “Climate Change and Sustainable Investing” specialisation in September 2021 through its EDHEC Risk Institute finance research centre. Devised in partnership with Coursera – the world-leading provider of online... Read more
EDHEC Business School plans to host a series of monthly lectures entitled “The Future of Finance”. The online sessions will untangle financial issues in the context of recent developments in the sector and seek to understand how the financial... Read more



29 Jun

European Financial Management Association (EFMA) 2022 Annual Meetings

Campus Bio-Medico University, Rome, Italy