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Academic Publications


The Institute systematically seeks to validate the academic quality of its research through publications in leading scholarly journals. The results of the research work have been published by leading specialised scientific publications such as Management Science, Quantitative Finance, the Journal of Derivatives, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Fixed-income, Journal of Portfolio Management, among others.

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EDHEC-Risk Publications


To ensure that our financial research corresponds to the needs of the corporate world, we present our publications in such a way as to render the research conclusions as accessible as possible to finance professionals, by including clearly delineated introductions, conclusions and an executive summary.

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Industry Publications


In this section, we provide an overview of news concerning the investment management industry in the form of a digest of recent issues in the media. We mainly present a synthetic view of news that is being discussed across a broad number of industry publications. In addition, a selection of themes which have captured our particular interest and are commented by us are also covered.

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