Expand your expertise and earn the Yale SOM – EDHEC-Risk
Certificate in Risk and Investment Management


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Yale School of Management is teaming up with EDHEC-Risk Institute to deliver a certificate programme in advanced techniques for investment management.



Take your chance to pick the brains of world-class instructors and thought leaders while also benefitting from a unique experience based on high practical relevance, which will challenge and guide participants towards converting theoretical concepts into practical results.



The Certificate, which will be delivered in New Haven, consists of three seminars that are intended to reflect the major steps in a modern investment process:
  • Harvesting Risk Premia in Alternative Asset Classes and Investment Strategies – March 25-27,2019
  • Multi-Asset Investment Products and Solutions – July 16-18 2019
  • Harvesting Risk Premia in Equity and Bond Markets – November 2019


Participants can complete all three seminars and receive the prestigious joint Yale School of Management-EDHEC-Risk Certificate in Risk and Investment Management, or they can attend a single session that provides more focused study.



Remote learning option available



Introduction to the programme



The seminars are designed for senior investment professionals who need to cope with an increasingly complex environment to achieve their meaningful objectives.