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Research programmes

EDHEC-Risk Institute’s seven research programmes explore interrelated aspects of investment solutions to advance the frontiers of knowledge and foster industry innovation. These programmes correspond to a long-term investment on the part of the Institute and they are designed with the support of EDHEC-Risk Institute’s International Advisory Board. They host research chairs and strategic research projects that are supported by the industry.


All publications

The Law and Economics of Self-Dealing


Simeon Djankov, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes, Andrei Shleifer

Determinants of Funds of Hedge Funds' Performance


Noël Amenc and Mathieu Vaissié.

The Risks of Commodity Investing


Hilary Till and Joseph Eagleeye

EDHEC European Alternative Diversification Practices Survey


Noël Amenc, Walter Géhin, Jean-René Giraud, Lionel Martellini, Mathieu Vaissié

The EDHEC European ETF Survey 2006


Noël Amenc, Jean-René Giraud, Felix Goltz, Véronique Le Sourd, Lionel Martellini, Xiaoyan Ma

Commodities – Active Strategies for Enhanced Return


Hilary Till, Joseph Eagleeye

Investing in Hedge Funds: Adding Value through Active Style Allocation Decisions


Lionel Martellini, Mathieu Vaissié, Volker Ziemann

Edhec Funds of Hedge Funds Reporting Survey


Noël Amenc, Philippe Malaise, Mathieu Vaissié

Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Parameter Uncertainty and the Economic Value of Analysts’ Recommendations


Jakša Cvitanic, Ali Lazrak, Lionel Martellini, Fernando Zapatero.

Survey of Recent Hedge Fund Articles


Hilary Till, Jodie Gunzberg