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Presentation of the Partner

ETF Stream is the “go to” news outlet for all things ETF-related in Europe and Australia. Through their website, publications and events, they ensure to keep the reader up-to-date with all things ETF.

Their international team of journalists cover all the new issues, highlight the people moves, and track the industry’s rapid growth. They are also dedicated to educating the investor and advisor – their guides, features, analysis and data help explain the passive investment industry to a wider audience.


Point of contact:

David trained as a quantative economist before moving into financial journalism where he has written about investing and finance for many years. David is the chairman of ETF Stream and columnist for the Financial Times (the Adventurous Investor), Investment Week and Money Week. David is an experienced media entrepreneur (he’s set up a number of online media companies focused on online TV and viral videos) and investment expert of retail repute.



Presentation of the Partnership

At the beginning of 2019, EDHEC-Risk Institute and ETF established a partnership to provide academic insights on common themes of expertise: Passive Funds; ETFs, Smart Beta, Factor Investing etc, in Europe, Australasia and Australia more specifically.

EDHEC-Risk Institute welcomed in 2019 David Stevenson as new research associate in its team of 37 research associates, who provide direct links to the industry through their respective professional activities. He is a regular contributor to EDHEC-Risk Institute quarterly newsletter with opinion pieces in the Industry Analysis section.


Beyond Beta Publications

3rd issue (Q2 2019): "Riding out the Storm - The art of defensive investing smart beta"